How to recover and copy a Facebook URL?

How to recover and copy a Facebook URL?

Easy handling to master

Do you want to display the link of a publication shared publicly on the Facebook social network? This URL can be retrieved and copied in order to post it on the interface of your choice. In addition, the link of a publication you have posted can be used to buy Facebook likes.

Isolate a profile link

The URL of your own Facebook profile allows you to buy fans from specialized online services. To copy this URL, connect to your Facebook profile. At the top of the page, you will see the URL bar where you can copy it as text, selecting it first. After clicking on “Copy”, all you have to do is paste this link in the place provided on the site dedicated to buying likes. Be careful however at the beginning of your manipulation to copy the URL of your profile and not that of the Facebook home page.

Copy page URL

To get a link to your Facebook page, enter its name after pressing the icon which represents a magnifying glass. Tap the name of the Facebook page you want. Then press the words “Share” and “Copy link”. This method allows you to buy fans for your Facebook page. You will increase its visibility on this social network and you will be able to increase the traffic of visitors to this page.

Get the URL of a Facebook group

Press the “magnifying glass” icon to enter the name of this group. Tap the name you want to draw attention to. At the top right of the screen, press the three aligned dots and then tap the share icon, still at the top right. It is the small square which contains the symbol of a hand giving an object to another hand, with in addition a stylized eye. It looks like a triangle with one side missing. With Apple, the share icon looks different: you will see an arrow coming out of a box and directed to the right. If the Facebook group whose URL you want to isolate is a secret group, you will not see the “Share” icon appear. However, the link to a secret group can be copied. Just enter the address in your web browser and press the name of the group in question. Then press the address bar long enough and press “Copy”.

Copy the link of an event

A Facebook event to which you wish to draw attention can take the form of a publication, photos or even comments. It can be created by a profile, a page or a group on this social network. The URL of an event of this type is easily obtained. Just press the “magnifying glass” icon and enter, as desired, the title of the profile, page, group or event that corresponds to the content in question. Then search on this medium for the publication you want to report. Press the three aligned dots (…) which are right next to the publication. Press on the words “Copy link” located at the bottom of the screen.
Isolating the link from a Facebook profile, page, group or event allows you to direct new visitors, individually, to these online publications. In addition, these URLs can be used to buy Facebook likes on specialized sites. So you can more quickly boost your profile, page, group or event on this social network. More likes, in large quantities, it guarantees better online visibility.