How do I get the blue badge on Instagram?

How do I get the blue badge on Instagram?

Since August 2018 each user can now request to certify his account on Instagram. Previously only a certain elite could display the famous blue badge, which means a certified account. Indeed, the authentication of an account was only accessible to famous personalities or brands. But the social network of photo sharing, owned by Facebook, wanted to offer this functionality to the largest number to secure even more its platform.

What are the benefits of a certified badge?

There are many advantages to have a certified account. If this feature already existed for several years on Facebook and Twitter, it is still very recent at Instagram. So far, it is the platform that decided to assign or not the badge to an account, without the possibility of making the request. That’s why only celebrity accounts could have this advantage.

The blue badge is truly the “Grail” for any Instagram user. This is actually a great way to gain visibility and attract more subscribers. For personality accounts, authentication also helps to combat identity theft, common on social networks. It is an essential protection tool to encourage celebrities to use this platform. Likewise, relying on these badges, a lambda user can be sure to follow his favorite star’s account and not a “fake” one.

Thanks to the blue Instagram badge, an account will be able to differentiate itself from the competition and reinforce its brand image. This is a reassuring criterion for network users, who will be able to trust the content published on this Instagram-certified account.

How do I get a blue badge?

First it should be clarified that certification is not really accessible to everyone. If each user can request this from the application, only those with a relatively large community of subscribers will be eligible. Likewise, to maximize its chances of being certified, the bio of the account must be particularly neat and precise. The seniority of the account and its activity, whether in terms of publications or interactions, are also essential criteria.

To request this, simply access the Instagram app and then go to the “settings” menu. Then click on “account” and then on “request verification”. To complete the request, it is necessary to fill in the required fields and then attach a photo of the identity document.

Instagram then processes the request, and accepts or does not accept authentication based on the criteria specified previously. In the case that the application is accepted, Instagram reserves however the right to withdraw the certified status, for example in case of undesirable content publications.