How to highlight content on Instagram?

How to highlight content on Instagram?

Highlight content on Instagram: our recommendations

It is an application that differs from others by its dazzling success: Instagram. For some years now, the application has been successful and, if at the outset it has helped to create the buzz around huge international celebrities, it has gradually allowed to emerge strangers who have erected themselves to the rank of stars through their style demonstrations, their lifestyle ideas or their physical or culinary talents. The application was created 9 years ago, and today it displays statistics that are maddening the counters. You probably know that, because there are few around you who do not have an Instagram account to follow the trends or to promote their photos. Among them, many wonder how to stand out and especially how to highlight content on this sought application, where places under the sun are rare, expensive and particularly prized. Here are our recommendations.

Some figures

Before talking about focus strategy, here are the figures to know about the flagship application of the moment.

In June 2018, Instagram claimed 1 billion active users (source: the moderator’s blog). A hearing that represents a seventh of the population of the planet, really enough to make any instagrammer’s head spin!

The application also provides the following data: 500 million people use Instagram daily, almost 100 million of photos and videos are posted every day, the audience continues to progress, especially among young people and finally, more than a third of users are between 25 and 34 years old. Thus, it is useful to consider the “young ”  profile of users to better target its audience.

Target the most wanted hashtags

Well used, hashtags allows you to reach your targets more easily. By touching your targets, you can get more likes and conquer more followers.

In France, the most popular hashtags last year were for example #Paris #Happy #Love, #Paris, #Sun, #Instagood, #France, #Summer, #Picoftheday, #Friends and #Girl. A winning strategy is therefore to position itself on the trendy hashtags, which will be more likely to reach an audience particularly interested in them.

The hashtag #love in particular has been used more than 1.5 billion times up to now on the application!

To hit the target, be original

To stand out on a platform with so many users, it’s crucial to be successful in being original. Have a guideline around which you will post and do not disperse on subjects too different or too distant from each other.

For example, avoid posting at the same time on the subject of food, decoration and fashion. Choose one of the subjects that you are passionate about and try to find an angle that is unique to you, and that brings real added value to your followers.

Be proactive, follow experts in the field, get inspired by their ideas and what marks the spirits and create emotion, consider what seems to make a flop, and accommodate the ideas that work. Originality is really the key to highlighting content on a platform as popular as Instagram.

Be active

To highlight content, it is very important to have a constant presence on the platform. Indeed, publishing once in a while will only rarely bring you followers and not encourage them to be active or engage with your content.

But to become an influencer, it takes a lot more. Make sure you have a regular presence, if possible every day, and organize yourself to have a publication schedule.

Also allow for the time needed to stage your photos and take them or to organize a shoot.

If you are ambitious, do not skimp on the means and invest in the appropriate material. To retain your followers, it is also important to keep track of your publications and interact with them in the most personalized way possible. Creating a sense of closeness will play a lot in favor of the loyalty of your followers and the sense of closeness they feel with you.

However, if your community grows, this is no longer feasible because it will take too long, but find a way to stay close to your followers, especially by selecting the most active of them and offering them personalized answers.

Tell your stories in video to create commitment

Instagram has come a long way since the simple use of photos. Use it to capture and share your moments vividly, in video. The video is indeed popular on the application. Given the great success that this feature encounters, the potential to put content forward through the video is very good. The Instagram video actually makes the difference in terms of the content’s focus. Sharing video content is an effective way to improve your audience’s experience and gain popularity.

Share on all your networks and create a link

Make sure your Instagram profile and activity are visible on your other social profiles. Gain more visibility by sharing across all the other platforms you’re on, and make sure you have a clear, easy-to-remember username that will lead new potential fans to your profile without difficulty. Just remember that it may be more advantageous to share the same content at a different time and on a different channel throughout the day. For example, if you post on Instagram to start the day, you could share this post on Twitter later in the afternoon, on Facebook at another time of the day, and thus increase the visibility of your profile and content. This will increase the focus of the content and ensure a fast and reliable followers gain.

Frequency of publication: find the right pace

The new users of the application are not the only ones to ask constantly how often one has to post on Instagram, the most seasoned are also found in front of this puzzle. The answer to this question is: there is no single rule for this, and there does not seem to be a drop in commitment when you post consistently many posts and videos. You can therefore judge for yourself, depending on the responsiveness of your community, the frequency of your publications.

You are the most able to know what works between you and your audience. It is nonetheless crucial to maintain the quality of your messages at a high level, and to publish at least once a day.