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The amount of followers on Instagram is essential today to ensure good visibility and to boost your profile. In fact, accounts that have a large number of followers rank much better on the Instagram “Explore” page and are therefore much more visible around the world. This is a way to set yourself apart from the competition and to constantly attract new subscribers. This will only be beneficial for your account since your posts will have much more impact.

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Instagram is the world’s leading photo sharing app, with several hundred million monthly active users. Therefore, you must concentrate all your efforts on increasing the popularity of your account, in order to stand out from the crowd. To do so, you must increase the number of your followers (subscribers). This is why we offer to buy Instagram followers in order to increase the popularity and visibility of your profile. Each follower added is real and does not jeopardize your account. For any purchase of followers, we advise you to buy likes, for more credibility.

Why buy Instagram followers?

The Instagram social network is quite a popular tool for sharing ideas, photos, videos, and praising things you love. The network includes millions of active users and is a great channel to reveal your brand to thousands of people around the world. Alex, a shoe and handbag dealer contacted us in June 2018 to help promote his small business Instagram account. Today he has agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Interview and opinion of a customer placing orders regularly on our site

Can you introduce yourself and your activity?

My name is Alex. I am 32 years old and I run an internet shoe and handbag business. I started my business 2 years ago now. Currently, I sell my products exclusively via the internet but I plan to open soon two to three stores in Paris, France.

Have social networks played a role in promoting your business?

I started my business selling branded shoes and handbags exclusively through the internet because I didn’t have the capital to open stores in town. So I invested a lot in the design and production of my e-commerce site and in online marketing later. This last component includes in particular advertising on social networks and communication on my Instagram account in particular. This network played a big role in revealing my activities to the general public.

How did you go about promoting your Instagram account?

Within months of launching my website and Instagram account, I only had about 250 followers on it. The market for the sale of shoes and handbags is quite saturated these days. I therefore had to distinguish myself from my competitors and make my products known to more people. Following the advice of a very good friend of mine, I decided to use your services (to buy Instagram likes) by taking two packs: 10,000 followers as well as 5,000 likes on my Instagram posts. It was a very profitable investment considering the quality of your services. Within days and naturally, I ended up with thousands of followers on my Instagram account and also each of my posts was getting thousands of likes. Unlike many other sites you add followers naturally and that’s a big plus! Influencers get fooled with additions in minutes that are visible to everyone in Instagram stats. I did not want to use these sites which are not serious and I found your French company.

How have our services helped you increase your profitability?

Indeed, thanks to the packs of followers and likes that I bought, the visibility of my business increased rapidly. My e-reputation has grown. As a result, the number of daily hits to my e-commerce website has increased significantly. So more people can see and browse my products, buy them or recommend them to their friends. Obviously by buying followers I increased my visibility but not targeted my audience, which is why I recently used your services again to buy Instagram and quality followers.

Also, the increase in the number of subscribers to my account has given me good credibility. Now, when I approach prospects online, they take me more seriously and feel the urge to go to my site and check out my products.

What are your future plans ?

For the future, I intend to further improve my audience on Instagram and other social networks. I highly recommend you because you are true professionals.