Why buy Instagram followers?

Why buy Instagram followers?

The Instagram social network is a popular tool for sharing ideas, photos, videos and bragging about the merit of loved things. The network includes millions of active users and is an excellent channel to reveal your brand to thousands of people around the world. Alex, a shoe and handbags dealer contacted us in June 2018 to help him promote the Instagram account of his small business. Today, he has agreed to answer some of our questions.

Can you introduce yourself and present your activity?

My name is Alex. I am 32 years old and I am the manager of a company selling shoes and handbags on the Internet. I started my business two years ago now. Currently, I sell my products exclusively via the Internet but I plan to open soon two to three shops in the region of Ile-de-France.

Have social networks played a role in promoting your business?

I started my business selling shoes and handbags exclusively via the Internet because I did not have the capital necessary to open shops in the city. So I invested a lot on the design and realization of my e-commerce site and on online marketing later. This last part includes social media advertising and communication on my Instagram account in particular. This network has played a big role in revealing my activities to the general public.

How did you managere to promote your Instagram account?

A few months after the launch of my website and my Instagram account, I only had about 250 subscribers on it. The market for the sale of shoes and handbags is pretty saturated nowadays. So I had to distinguish myself from my competitors and make my products known to more people. Following the advice of a very good friend of mine, so I decided to use your services (to buy followers and likes) by taking two packs of 10 000 followers as well as 5 000 likes on my Instagram posts. This has been an expensive but very profitable investment given the quality of your services. Overnight, I ended up with thousands of subscribers on my Instagram account and also each of my posts received thousands of likes. As a result, the traffic on my e-commerce site has increased as well as my turnover.

How have our services helped you to increase your profitability?

Indeed, thanks to the packs of followers and likes that I bought, the visibility of my company grew rapidly. My e-reputation has increased. As a result, the number of daily access to my e-commerce website has risen sharply. This means that more people can see and consult my products, buy them or recommend them to their friends.

Also, the increase in the number of subscribers to my account assured me a good credibility. From now on, when I approach prospects on the Internet, they take me more seriously and feel the urge to go to my site and consult my products. Moreover when I went to see my banker to discuss with him my desire to create shops in cities, thanks to the number of my followers on Instagram, my e-reputation and the number of daily attendance at my online shop, I did not have a hard time to convince him. My online audience did all the work for me.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future I still intend to increase my audience on Instagram and other social networks. In addition I will open two to three boutiques soon in the region of Ile-de-France to get even closer to my buyers.

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